Climate-Shield CS2 Rain Screen Clip

The Climate-Shield™ Rain Screen Clip is the heart of the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System™. The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clip is made from the highest quality marine grade aluminum material available. As we all know, marine grade aluminum is a rugged and durable material that withstands the test of time in the harshest marine environments found on earth. The rainscreen clip is manufactured in the USA to the exacting standards utilized in the aircraft industry. The stainless steel screws used to fasten the rain screen clip in place are compatible with the marine grade aluminum and work together with no galvanic action.

This rain screen clip system works together to create an assembly that requires no furring strips. The rain screen clip itself creates a uniform 3/4" wall cavity behind the rain screen wood siding. The rain screen siding can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally for truly spectacular rain screen designs.


Climate-Shield Rain Screen Siding Starter Rail CSSR8

While it is true that the Climate-Shield rainscreen clip can be used for your starter course of siding, the new CSSR8 Starter Rail works great for horizontal rainscreen wood siding installations. The CSSR8 Climate-Shield Starter Rail speeds up installation, especially in hard-to-get-at spaces behind bushes, shrubs and other obstacles. The CSSR8 has weep holes to easily shed bulk water and condensation and is made of the same rugged marine grade aluminum that the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clips are made from. Like the rainscreen clips, the Climate-Shield Starter Rail attaches easily with the stainless steel installation screws provided, again, with no galvanic action.

As you can see in the assembly detail on the left, the entire Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System is easy to install, rugged and long lasting and can help you create a design and installation that will last for decades, beautifully.

Cor-A-Vent SV5 Siding Vent

The Cor-A-Vent SV5 Siding Vent is used above the Cimate-Shield CSSR8 Starter Rail to prevent the intrusion of pests and insects. The SV5 siding vent (pictured in assembly detail at the left) also allows bulk water to escape through the bottom of the rain screen siding assembly. The Cor-A-Vent SV5 siding vent is also used above door openings, above and below window openings, at the soffit and also at the rake trim areas on gable ends of the building. Install this vent component according to manufacturer's instructions.


Climate-Shield™ Vertical Rain Screen Siding Starter Rail

The Climate-Shield™ Vertical Rain Screen Siding Starter Rail was developed specifically for vertical wood siding installations. This innovative vertical rain screen starter rail is easy to install and is also manufactured with marine grade aluminum and attached with the stainless steel screws provided to assure that there is no galvanic action between the metals.

Not only does this vertical rain screen starter rail speed up and help accurate installations of the siding system to the contractor, it creates incredible design flexibility for the architect or designer of the project. Vertical siding designs no longer require elaborate and expensive multiple layers of furring strips. The ventilation behind the rain screen siding is remarkable effective and promotes healthy and sustainable design.


Climate-Shield Rainscreen Siding Attachment Channel CSAC8

The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Attachment Channel, CSAC8, is designed to provide a firm attachment when installing the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System over non-structural wall surfaces. The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Attachment Channel allows design and installation flexibility with wall assemblies made from:

  • Concrete or Block wall assemblies
  • Exterior cement or gypsum board
  • Exterior foam sheathing up to 1-1/2" thick

The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Attachment Channel is 8' long and made from the same high quality, long lasting marine grade aluminum as other Climate-Shield rainscreen components.


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